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Scaling Electric Vehicle Deployment in Lao PDR

Emergent Ventures is supporting the Government of Lao PDR (Ministry of Public Works and Transport) in scaling-up deployment of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in both public and private use. In Laos, vehicles are largely powered by gasoline or diesel. EVs are as yet unfamiliar to ordinary consumers and their economic and environmental benefits are not generally known.

The government is considering intensifying its EV deployment approach and Emergent Ventures, supported by Global Green Grown Institute (GGGI, S.Korea), is evaluating different approaches for the same. We have built a detailed assessment of the likely impact of different approaches both on unit economics and on national economic parameters. We have presented these results to key government stakeholders and after consultations have made final recommendations on the best-suited strategies for the country. EVI's study highlights key information and analysis required to support the government in building technical, financial, and management cases for EVs.

Buses in Lao PDR
Buses in Lao PDR

Electric Bikes in Lao PDR
Electric Bikes in Lao PDR


#electricmobility #financingelectric #EVpolicy-Laos