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Improved Cookstove Program (Madhya Pradesh)

Online stakeholder feedback round for Improved Cookstove Program developed by

EVI Green Markets Pte. Ltd.

EVI has organised the stakeholder consultation on “Improved Cook stove Program- Right to Breathe Clean” on 17th April 2023 in Madhya Pradesh, India. The stakeholder consultation was started at 11:30 am, where the project summary was shared and feedback was collected by all the stakeholders. 
The event covered the welcoming procedure, comprehensive briefing, demo session, grievance redressal, panel discussion, user insights and perspectives, and a feedback session. EVI Green Markets Pte. Ltd. is now inviting stakeholders to participate in an online feedback round. Stakeholders can access all project-related documents which are enclosed below. Please share your valuable feedback in the feedback form given below. The feedback link is open for the duration of 30 days till 26-Sep-2023.


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