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Mr.Vinod Kala, Managing Director envisions new financing options in wind sector
Mr. Kala in the recent publication of IWTMA magazine mentioned that the wind sector could be financed by Green Bonds 
October 20th, 2014
Windforcer- A New All in One WRA Software Launched
This product will enable wind energy developers and stakeholders to carry out realistic
October 20th, 2014
Vinod Kala MD EVI on Economics of Energy Storage
Mr. Vinod Kala, Managing Director, EVI spoke at Energy Storage Conference on 19th September 2014 held at The Imperial, New Delhi
October 10th, 2014
Emergent Ventures participation at Historic Climate Change March, New Delhi
Emergent Ventures participated in the Climate Change March on 20th September
September 25th, 2014
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Enhancing India’s readiness to access and deliver international climate finance
One of the main goals of this report is to understand how countries can improve
Oct 16th, 2014
Obsure Future of Carbon Markets POST PERU
Revising Nomenclature for Carbon Markets In Form of INDC and COP 20- Peru
October 14th, 2014
Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) in Refrigeration and Air conditioning and Foam (RAC&F) Sector
As per the estimations made by AEA (2011), the global building area is anticipated 
August 13th, 2014
Water Risks in Food & Beverages Industry in India
Water is an essential and omnipresent ingredient in the food and beverage industry
June 5th, 2014
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Project Details

Algeria- Use of Climate Financing for Destruction of ODS.

Bhutan- Technology Need Assessment for Low Carbon Growth; Business Model Evaluation for Biomass Gasification Projects; Technology Feasibility Study for Biomass Briquetting, Capacity Building Need Assessment to Develop NAMAs in Bhutan, Review of Policies related to Biomass Energy.

Fiji – Feasibility Study for Rooftop Grid Connected Photovoltaics (GCPV) including Design of TOR for formulation of Rooftop GCPV Policy, Verification of HCFC consumption in 2013.

Indonesia- Carbon Financing for Renewable Energy Projects; Sustainability Reporting & Carbon Footprinting; Capacity Building Workshops on Climate Change & Carbon markets.

Kenya- Wind Resource Atlas Development for the Country.

Laos- Development of Biofuel Policy to Meet Climate Change; Energy Security & Developmental Goals.

Madagascar and Tanzania- Feasibility Study for Developing Biofuel Plantations.

Maldives- Support for Inclusion of Climate Financing for HCFC Phaseout Management Plan; Feasibility study of use of climate friendly refrigerants in fisheries sector 

Malaysia- Wind Resource Mapping for entire Country; Solar Projects Audit Guidelines Development; Development of Various Carbon Projects; Solar Inverter Testing; Solar Projects Design & Review; Carbon Footprinting & GHG Management for Various Sectors.

Mauritus- Feasibility Study for Development of Wind Farm.

Mexico- Emission Inventory for Refrigeration and Air conditioning sector to develop NAMA; ODS Destruction Strategy Development.

Myanmar- Lake Restoration Planning for Inle Lake Myanmar. Scoping Study of Emission Reduction Projects in Myanmar

Nepal- NAMA Capacity Building; Feasibility study for ODS disposal; Project management for ODS disposal using carbon co-financing.

Nigeria- CDM for Waste Management Project in Lagos; ODS Destruction Strategy Development; Capacity Building for Climate Change & Environmental Issues.

Seychelles - Feasibility Study for Development of Wind Farm.

Srilanka- Development of Biomass Gasification Project and Sustainable Fuel Supply Chain; Development of Various Carbon Projects.

Japan- Wind Resource Assessment for a Wind Power Project.

Thailand- Development of Solar Cooling Policy; Evaluation of Local Voluntary Carbon Market Prospects using Forestry Offsets; Development of Various Carbon Projects; Carbon Footprinting & GHG Management for Various Sectors; NAMA Capacity Building Workshop; HPMP Development.

Singapore- Sustainability Strategy Development for Corporate; Sustainability Reporting & Carbon Footprinting.

Pakistan- Carbon Project Development.

Philippines- Development of Voluntary Offset Project.

Emissions Mapping for Food and Beverages Company.

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